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If you are like most renters, when you are finished with an appliance you will turn the knob to off and be done with it. This goes from anything from the oven to the television. While turning off these appliances is important, you are still wasting energy and electricity by keeping them plugged into the wall. To really do your part to help Mother Nature and reduce your energy output, unplug all unused appliances as often as possible.

Reduce the Cost of your Electrical Bills

One of the biggest benefits to unplugging unused appliances is that you will be able to cut down on the costs of your electricity bill for any rental house spare room you decide to live in. You may be surprised to know that even if your TV is on standby (and not on), it is still costing you money. This is the same with all of your appliances from your refrigerator to your computer. While it may be convenient to leave your computer on all the time, it is wasting a lot of energy and thus costing you a lot of power, especially if you leave it on 24/7.

While some appliances will need to stay on, such as your refrigerator, others can easily be switched completely off and unplugged when not in use. Things like the lamp, the air conditioner in the guest room, the television, the kettle, the hair dryer, the stereo and the video game console can easily be unplugged when you are not using them.

When you go away on holidays it is incredibly important to do a look-over of the house to make sure everything is unplugged. The only things you may want to keep on are your phone and answering machine and your refrigerator. Everything else can easily be unplugged for the time being.

Safety in Unplugging Unused Appliances

Another reason to unplug unused appliances is for the safety aspect. Keeping your appliances switched into the wall means there is an electrical circuit present. Little fingers love cords, especially ones that are connected to the wall and this can be a recipe for disaster. When you unplug a used appliance you are breaking this circuit and preventing any electrical shocks in the process. If you have young children, invest in safety locks for the wall switches which will help you keep your appliances unplugged but also prevent little fingers from getting electrocuted.

Furthermore, if you are ever in a storm and your home is struck by lightning, then anything that is plugged into the wall can easily be destroyed by the storm. This includes computers, televisions and telephones. If there is a storm outside with plenty of electrical activity, it is best to switch off your appliances and unplug them now to avoid any damage in the future. Even if you have adequate renters insurance to pay for the damaged contents, why risk it?

In addition to unplugging unused appliances, you can also cut back on your energy costs and help the environment in the process by always shutting off the lights. Only turn one light on at a time and use the natural sunlight as much as possible. Furthermore, if you are using a heater or air conditioner, make the most out of this power by shutting all doors and windows to increase the efficiency and air circulation. These simple steps may seem pointless but in reality, by unplugging unused appliances, turning off the lights and keeping your windows and doors closed, you can lower your energy output and your electricity bills by as much as 50 percent! So plug in to savings on your utility bills and unplug unused appliances!

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