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Updating your license address after moving is just one of the many things you need to do when figuring moving expenses. All of these little things, like updating your address, can certainly add up and it can be easy to forget to do this until you are pulled over or until you receive a ticket to the wrong address. Write down a list of all the different things you need to do when it comes to moving to avoid having this problem. Make sure you do change your address on important documents, such as your license as soon as possible.

License Address Changes

Every state is different when it comes to updating your license but, essentially, when making minor changes, such as an address change, the process is going to be relatively easy. You can find out what exactly to do online by visiting your state's department of transport page where there will be a link on how to update your license. In many instances you won't even have to visit a DMV but can actually do everything online. Then the DMV will send you through a small piece of paper to attach to your license with the new address in place.

This is not offered in all states or in all instances, however, especially if your license is about to expire.

You can also change your license in person at the DMV. You might need proof of address such as a rental lease agreement or the first month's electrical bill, for example. However, this is not always required. Updating your license in person means that you will generally be given a whole new license, mailed out to the new address and can be a better option if you do not like the internet, if your license is about to expire anyway or if you have other things to deal with at the DMV, such as unpaid parking tickets.

If you have moved out of state then you will need to get a new license to reflect this. If you have your full license then you shouldn't have to take a test but you should ensure that your license is completely free and clear of any parking tickets and other fines before moving out of state. This is the responsible thing to do.

License and Insurance Changes

Keep in mind that if you are moving and updating your license then you also need to update your insurance papers. You need to let your insurance agent know that you have moved to a new location as this can impact your rates. You may find that you are actually getting a better discount with your new address if the area is considered safer than your old residence. Every state is different when it comes to insurance rules and regulations as well so you might need to purchase a whole new policy if you are moving out of state. For example, some states work with a no fault law while others work on a tort system.

Updating your license after moving is not going to take too much time at all. You can choose to do so either in person at the DMV or even online in many instances. While you can expect to pay a fee in some cases, the whole process is relatively straightforward. Failure to update your address on your license can result in serious problems including possible license revocation. Take five minutes out of your day to update your address on your license and other important documents as soon as you move to avoid any hassles down the road.

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