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Ready for a change? Even if you are renting your house or apartment there are still ways to upgrade your rental space and make a big difference to your home. Browse through the different ways to upgrade your rental space and speak to your landlord about the do's and don'ts to any home renovations.

Renovation in a Rental

The first thing you need to do when upgrading any rental space is discuss your ideas with your landlord including everything down to rain barrel use. Talk to your spouse or roommate about different things you want to do to the house. Get quotes from builders and look into material and labor costs to see how much you are going to spend. Once you have a plan, sit your landlord down and discuss the benefits to doing this. In some instances you may be able to convince your landlord to pay for the costs if it will add value to the home. In other instances you may be able to split the bills or you may be left to pay for the upgrades on your own. Whatever the case, without your landlord's permission, you can kiss your renovations goodbye.

There are several ways to upgrade your living space in your rental unit. If your outdoor area is looking a little shabby, you may want to give it a landscaping makeover. If you have some spare time and are good with gardening, you may be able to do it yourself. Look for large rocks to place around the garden and plant several flower beds to add color and flavor to the outdoor area. You may want to hire a landscaper to add a water feature to the corner or install a patio or deck to highlight the outdoor area. Many homes do not come equipped with the space for outdoor living; however, a little upgrade can turn your dreary outdoor area into an al fresco dream.

Indoor Home Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your interior then there are several things you can do. A fresh paint job is often all your home needs. If you notice the white walls are looking a little yellow and those dark spots won't go away, then you may need to refresh the walls with a coat of paint. You can choose to stick to the same color as before or go bold with a new color. Lighter color paints look better indoors such as light greens or yellows for the kitchen and dining area and light blues and pinks for the bedrooms. You may choose to paint each room a different color or stick to the same color in every room.

If you are a little concerned about your painting skills then another option to brighten up the walls and upgrade your living space is to look into wallpaper or wall decals. You don't have to layer the wallpaper on every wall. Choose to add a border to your dining room or spruce up your bedroom with some elegant wall decals. Wallpaper and wall decals are less permanent and often more appropriate and acceptable in rental properties.

For large upgrades, such as kitchen renovations, bathroom repairs and room additions, you will need to work closely with your landlord. Your landlord may want to approve of the builder and the costs before you start smashing through the walls in his home. If you live in a complex then there may be rules against any type of upgrade to your apartment or condo. Before you lay any money down, make sure you and your landlord are on the same page when upgrading your rental space.

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