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Urbandale renters insurance offers protection for your personal belongings after a disaster or theft. If your apartment or rental home is damaged in a storm or is destroyed by fire, the landlord or property manager is responsible for repairing the damage. Some renters without Iowa renters insurance coverage falsely assume that the owner is also liable for the things inside, but you probably won't see any compensation from the property owner. To replace your damaged items, you'll need Urbandale renters insurance.

Urbandale is a suburb of Des Moines, IA. Located in central Iowa, Urbandale is largely a bedroom community for commuters to Des Moines, but it also has a substantial economy of its own based in banking and finance. The recent economic climate has led many people all over the country to rent rather than buy their homes. As Urbandale grows over the next several years, it will likely see a large number of people renting for the foreseeable future until the housing market improves.

Iowa is considered the heartland of America, located in the Midwestern plains. This area is prone to severe tornadoes that can cause substantial property damage. Ice and snow can also be a concern, as the weight of the winter precipitation can cause roofs to collapse, falling tree limbs and injuries from slips and falls. These disasters all have the potential to wipe you out financially, but Urbandale renters insurance is a safeguard against the expenses of such damage.

What Your Policy Covers

Urbandale renters can purchase a form of homeowners insurance known as HO-4. Its provisions are the same as those of regular homeowners policies, except there is no coverage for structural damage since that is not the renter or their new roommates responsibilities. Urbandale renters insurance covers four primary losses, liabilities and perils.

Coverage C of HO-4 covers damage to or theft of personal property, including things located away from the home like in a car or storage unit. These coverage limits are based on the estimated value of your belongings. You can buy additional coverage for added protection, and additional endorsements are available for valuable collections, jewelry, art and other costly belongings.

Urbandale renters insurance also covers living expenses if the rental property is unlivable, known as Coverage D. If a tornado rips the roof from your home, your renters insurance will pay for you to live in another unit or hotel until repairs are made. Coverage E is personal liability for guests' injuries or property damage that occur at your home. Liability will also pay for your legal defense if your guest chooses to sue for negligence, and the typical limit is $100,000.

The final form of coverage, Coverage F, is reasonable medical payments for people injured on your property. The base limit for this is $1,000. The difference in Coverages E and F are slight. Liability kicks in if you are legally responsible for the injury or damage, while medical payments cover accidents. If a neighbor accidentally falls down your steps, Coverage F will provide rapid payment for his medical bills, but if he claims the steps were too slippery because you failed to shovel them, you may have to rely on Coverage E.

Selecting an Agent

The right Urbandale renters insurance agent can make the aftermath of a disaster much more bearable. After paying premiums for months or years, there is nothing more frustrating than being given the run-around by the insurance company. Find a dealer or agency with high claims service ratings to be sure you see the compensation you deserve. Rates can vary widely between Urbandale providers, so solicit rate quotes from several Iowa companies to compare.

The first step is to differentiate between direct dealers and local agents. Dealers are large, national companies that operate out of call centers and online. There is no guarantee that you will speak to the same person twice, and there are no physical offices for meeting an agent face-to-face. Though this seems impersonal to some, direct dealers often offer Urbandale renters insurance policies at lower rates, and you can keep your IA renters insurance policy when you move with a few modifications to suit your new situation.

An Urbandale agent will work with you directly for the duration of your Urbandale renters insurance policy. The maintain physical offices for meeting with clients, and a good agent isy attentive to your changing needs and your family and financial situation evolve. Renters insurance policies tend to be more expensive with agencies because they are paid commission, but there are several ways to lower your rates. If you are pleased with your IA car insurance policy, bundle your renters policy with the same agency for a discount. An Urbandale renters insurance agent can also help you decide whether raising your deductible to get a lower premium will work for your budget.