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If you have a spare room in your home then you have a number of different options about how to use it. You may want to turn it into a play room for your kid with decorations. You may wish to take the traditional route and make your spare room into a guest room. Or, you may wish to transfer this area into your own personal office space. Even if you do not work from home it is nice to have space in the house to keep your documents, contracts and files safe and organized.

Transferring your spare room into an office is relatively easy to do and only requires a few basic pieces of furniture. First of all, you will need some sort of desk and chair. You may choose a desk unit that features several shelving units or you may be happy with just a standard table. Furthermore, with the chair you may want a specific office chair with a comfortable backing or you may be happy with just any old standard chair from your dining room set.

In addition to the desk and chair you may also want to invest in a filing cabinet which is a great way to store all your documents. Things like tax reports, phone bills, banking papers, childcare information, travel documents, birth certificates - all of these things need to be kept safe somewhere. Investing in a filing system is a great way to keep track of these items and know exactly where they are if you ever need them.

Office Furniture and Accessories

Other classic furniture items for an office include a book shelf unit as well as a lamp for the corner. Often the natural lighting in a spare room will not be adequate and you may wish to have another source of light as well. You can choose a desk lamp or a standalone lamp which can help you get rid of some of that open corner space. You may also want to invest in a large indoor or artificial plant to bring some life into your new office space.

You don't have to store just books on your book shelf unit. You can place picture albums, photo frames, documents and anything else you wish to keep close at hand. Have some fun with it and look into decorative items such as candles, bookends and other fun items to accessories your office space.

In most instances you will keep your computer system in your office. As well as a computer you may also want to have a phone, a fax machine and a printer stored in this area. What this means is that you can expect a lot of different electrical outlets needed. Many people will invest in a four or five space power outlet to help them keep track of the different cords and ensure that everything can be plugged in at once. Your office will be one of the most electrically charged areas in your house so make sure you are aware of where the cords are running and that they are kept well out of the reach of young children.

When it comes to painting and using a spare room as an office you should choose a bold and natural color such as a dark brown, green, beige or tan, all of which are neutral and classic colors for an office space. Try to stick to only a few selected pictures on the wall and finish your room off with a large area rug in a lovely bold print. With these final little touches you will enjoy a more productive and organized area to get your work done.

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