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During the hot summer months you may notice the council puts a ban in place on how much water you are allowed to use. You may only be allowed to water your plants or use the sprinkler on your garden once or twice a week. This can be annoying, especially if you are an avid gardener and a lover of fresh green grass but it's for your own good and for the good of Mother Nature. One way to keep your garden looking green and reduce your water consumption is to use your leftover bath water to water your plants. This may seem a little odd but it keeps your flowers fresh and won't raise your water bill in the process.

Bath Water for your Plants

There are several different ways to transfer your leftover bath water into your garden, and it most certainly is easier than comparing property management providers. The easiest way is a watering can. Simply fill up the watering can in the bath tub by holding it under the water. The water will make its way into the can and eventually fill up. You can then water your plants inside and outside and return back to the tub for a refill.

There is nothing wrong with using the leftover bath water to water your plants. A small amount of bubble bath or shampoo is not going to harm them in the long run; in fact, it may make them look much healthier and cleaner. If your plants are developing pests or disease, rubbing a little bit of soapy water is one way to get rid of the disease and keep them looking healthier.

You can use bath water for both indoor and outdoor plants. Perhaps alternate when it comes to using bath water. If you take a bath twice a week (any more than this and you are already wasting too much water), use the bathwater from one bath to do the indoor plants and the other day use the bath water to do the outdoor plants. That way all your plants are getting a healthier drink once a week.

Other Water Reducing Tips for the Home

There are plenty of different ways you can reduce the amount of water you are using each week in addition to reusing your bath water. Showering less or for a few minutes shorter every week will make a big difference. By reducing your showers to five minutes or less, you will also save time in the morning. Try to only shower once a day or, if you have exercised or are sweating excessively, take a quick rinse off but stay away from the shampoo and conditioning process. Too much shampooing can lead to dry hair anyway.

Bathing the kids together or taking them into the shower with you will not only save bath water but also time. Many kids love bath time so why not make it more fun by letting them hop into the shower with you or turning your evening bath routine into a two-person under water exploration?

Using bath water to water plants is only one of the many ways you can reduce your water consumption. Think outside the box. You may be able to reuse the bath water to also give your car a good scrub, to clean up the outdoor furniture and even to give your dog a bath. Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth, using cold water to wash your clothes and buying an eco-friendly dishwasher will also help reduce your water bill. Feel better knowing that you are making a conscious effort to consume less water and helping the environment in the process.

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