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Recycling is important in utilizing trash removal services and helping to reduce your waste and make a slight difference to the waste consumption problem in the world. There are a number of things that can be recycled and you should take the time to learn about what is recyclable and what is not. If you are living in a rental complex with several other apartments, then you will most likely have a communal area for the garbage bins as well as for the recycling bin. What this means is that you need to be respectful of the rest of the unit tenants when you are using the community recycling bin.

Recycling in an Apartment

Most units will have a number of recycling bins depending on how many people are living in the complex. After all, if you are living in a high story with ten stories, then you cannot expect all of these people to use the same bin. Instead, there will probably be several bins or several large ones that you can use. Recycling day will probably come once a week and the waste collector will come and empty the bin so that you can continue to recycle week after week.

Individual units may be equipped with a small tray for your recycling such as bottles and newspapers. You can empty the tray at the end of the day by taking it down to the recycling. If your apartment does not come with a blue recycling tray, then you can improvise by buying a laundry basket or a small tub and using it for recycling only. Put a label on it so that other people know that this is what this bin is for. Try to empty the bin as often as possible or choose one with a lid so that your apartment does not start to smell like old milk or sticky soft drink from the bottom of the bottle.

If you have never recycled before then that is okay. You can print out a number of lists on the internet that offer you an easy guide to know what you can recycle and what you cannot. Things such as newspapers and magazines, as well as glass and plastic bottles can all be recycled. This includes jars, beer cans, shampoo bottles and much more. You may be surprised at how many items can be recycled rather than thrown out.

However, adding items that should not be recycled to the community recycling bin is not something that you should do, even if it seems easier. If you are not sure if an item can be recycled, then look it up online before adding it to the bin. Another thing to remember is that when you are using a community recycling bin, you are sharing this space with others. If you have had a large party and have countless bottles to empty out, then maybe consider taking it to a bottle depot instead. You can get a little money from your bottles and you won't be taking up all the space in the community bin.

If you notice that the recycling bin is always full by the end of the week then you can tell the property manager about it. He can bring up the situation at the next builders association meeting and your request for more bins will most likely be taken seriously and granted. After all, this is a valid concern and problem. Using the community recycling bin and placing your items beside the bin or stuffing it in can be dangerous and attract unwanted animals and rodents to the area.

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