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Many rental complexes will come with additional amenities like a community gym and fitness center, swimming pools and even extra storage space that you can use. This is often in the basement or in the underground parking lot. It is important that you are using this space effectively to store certain items. Make sure you have invested in a good locking system or alarm for this area and only use the storage system for certain items.

Storage Space and Theft

Having items stolen from your storage space outside can be frustrating but it does happen. This is why you need to invest in a good locking system. When you move into a new unit ask your landlord and some of your neighbors about instances of theft and whether they think the area is secure and the items are safe down there. This will give you a better indication as to whether to use your storage space or leave it empty for now.

Some of the most popular things for people to store in basement and underground parking storage areas are bicycles and other outdoor toys. Of course, these things are also targets. If you are storing these items down there, then make sure you have them securely locked and out of easy view for passerbyers.

If you are looking at storing smaller items in a storage space then invest in some heavy duty containers. Units made out a steel or hard plastic are good as they are waterproof. Underground areas can become wet and dirty so you want to be sure that your smaller items are secure with the right protection around them. Spend a little extra at the homewares shop for the best in storage containers.

Storing Items the Right Way

If you are renting a house rather than a unit then you may have additonal storage space in a crawlspace or in a shed. Ask your landlord is you are able to store items there before simply placing things in this area. However, again, make sure you have a good lock for the shed as this is an easy target for thieves in the area, especially if the door is open and unlocked.

If you do not trust your storage space completely and are constantly worried about the items, then look for space inside your unit or house to store items. It can often be hard to find space for your items but make sure of the closets and even under the bed. You can purchase special containers to store under your bed for items such as extra blankets and clothing. You can also look into lounges and ottomans that are hollow and offer more space this way.

Storing your items is not just about finding space but also getting rid of the items that you really have no use for. This can be hard, especially if you grow attached to your items. However, when you are moving you should also be organizing your items. Things that you do not use can be sold, donated or thrown out which can save you a lot of trouble trying to find space in your new unit or rental home.

It can be hard finding enough space in your home for all of your items and many renters are left wondering what to do with all of their stuff. If you do have storage space that seems fairly safe, then you can certainly use this area. However, keep in mind that there is always the risk of theft. Take out adequate renters insurance to insure these items, just in case. This is the best tip when it comes to using your storage space effectively.

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