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We all have to get rid of our trash in some way or another. Whether your cleaning up after your annual Halloween party or simply taking out the daily trash, it all has to make it to the garbage bin. If you are living in a rental complex then you will probably share a larger trash area for all the tenants in residence. What this means is that you need to be courteous about what you throw in there and how you are using the trash removal services. Make sure you understand the rules surrounding utilizing the trash removal services when you move in.

When you move into any rental facility, from a small complex to a larger residence, ask your property manager how garbage collection works. There will be a set day of the week for garbage as well as for recycling in most instances. There may be other rules surrounding trash removal that you must be made aware of.

Having to share a garbage bin with several other people can be annoying. For one, you may need to walk down several flights of stairs just to take out the trash. If so, then it is a good idea to invest in heavy duty trash bags or double bag your trash bins in your apartment. That way you do not risk an accident or a spill in the middle of the lobby on your way out to the rubbish area.

Sharing Garbage Bins

Another annoyance that comes with sharing your garbage area with other people is that it can get full quite quickly. If one tenant has a big cleanup then they could be using triple or more the amount of bags as usual. What this means is that you may be faced with a full garbage bin several times a week. Most shared facilities will have a lid on it. If the garbage is too full then the lid won't shut which can cause serious odor problems as well as can attract rodents such as rats and raccoons to this area. This is something you need to avoid.

If you are finding that the garbage bin is filling up too fast each week then talk to your building association or property manager about it. Adding a few extra bins is something that should be done to accommodate the complex and shouldn't be a big deal. However, it will save a lot of tension and problems down the road, especially as more and more people move into the complex.

If you are living in a smaller complex with only a few different tenants then you may only have five or six garbage bins. Someone needs to take the garbage bins in and out of the street on garbage collection day. You may have someone that always does this or you may all take turns. If it is your turn, make sure you do it. Furthermore, if there is not a set routine and you notice that the bins are still sitting outside the next time you walk past, take the time to bring them in.

Utilizing trash removal services is part of your right when you move into any area. After all, you won't be expected to dig a hole in your yard to get rid of the rubbish each week. Make sure you are courteous and respectful by always shutting the lid and doing your share to bring in the bins when you see them sitting out there. Do not over use your trash removal services and, if there is ever a concern, don't be afraid to voice these problems to your property manager. There is a good chance that if you are unhappy with the service, then so are some of the other tenants in the building.

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