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Valdosta renters insurance, while an absolute must for all renters, does not cover roommates. While choosing a good roommate is just as important as choosing the apartment in Valdosta itself, it is important to understand that you each must protect yourselves with your own Georgia rental coverage policies. Before co-mingling your belongings with your roommates, make sure each of you are insured under your own policies.

Renters Insurance and Roommates

Deciding which Valdosta apartment to rent can be a very exciting time. Finding a good room mate to share your space in GA can be another exciting development. In addition to sharing space and expenses, you also may be sharing some of your belongings. You would think that your Valdosta renters insurance policy should cover all of the belongings in the apartment. This is not the case.

Living with another person is not always the easiest. Finding someone who will be respectful of you, your personal space and the possessions that you brought into your shared apartment in can be a challenge. When choosing who to live with in GA, make sure they are on the same wavelength as you are when it comes to sharing the responsibilities that go along with renting, including protecting yourselves with renters insurance. Rental coverage limits is a topic that should be broached before signing the lease.

Obtaining a Valdosta renters insurance policy is easy and inexpensive. Most GA insurance agents can get your a renters insurance policy. Your renters insurance policy will cover your possessions inside of your apartment. Your individual policy, however, will not cover your roommate's belongings.

When moving in with a roommate, make sure they get their own Valdosta renters insurance policy in their own name. Their belongings will only be protected under their individual policy. In the event of damage, theft or personal liability, you will be protected under your Valdosta renters insurance policy and your room mate will only be protected under theirs.

Keeping your belongings and policies separate is the best way to protect yourself in your rented Valdosta apartment. If your roommate refuses to get their own policy, it is possible to add them to your own policy. This is not recommended but acceptable if your situation is not likely to change in the near future. The exception to this is if you or your roommate is still a dependent of their parents in which case they may be covered under the parents homeowners policy.

This lack of coverage doesn't only extend to the platonic roommate situation in Valdosta. If you have decided to co-habitate with a boyfriend or girlfriend in Georgia, this could be a blissful time when you may not be thinking about what will happen to your stuff in case of a fire or other disaster. Despite your romantic relationship, your renters insurance policy will not cover your significant others belongings.

Joint purchases can become another headache. In order to have a joint purchase insured, you and your roommate will both have to be named on each other's policies. If possible, its best to avoid making joint purchases with a room mate as the potential for difficulty is more trouble than its probably worth.

What Your Policy Doesn't Cover

Your Valdosta renters insurance policy will insure your belongings against damage or loss caused by fire, water, theft and a variety of other causes. It will also insure you against liability in case of injury to a guest while in your Georgia home. When it comes to room mates, there are a variety of potentials events that your Valdosta renters insurance policy will not cover you against.

Sometimes roommates or significant others have falling outs that cause one person to decide to move out. While your Valdosta renters insurance policy does cover you in case of loss, it won't cover a loss of rent money. If the room mate moves out and takes some of your stuff, you may be able to file a claim for theft.

Even though your policy covers damage and loss, it don't cover everything. If your roommate borrows your computer, drops it and breaks it, your policy won't cover that either. Since these types of policies only cover circumstances beyond your control, you would be unable to file a claim. A clumsy roommate is not an unpreventable disaster.

Sometimes its necessary to find a room mate to share your Valdosta apartment. Its always best to proceed with caution, especially when living with someone you don't know. Finding someone that you can live with is hard but its best to make sure you protect yourself and the things that you own within the walls of your Valdosta home. Finding a reliable Valdosta renters insurance policy may be easier than finding a reliable roommate.