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Vashon renters insurance puts you back in control of your financial future against unexpected roadblocks. A major loss of property could put you in a tough financial spot. A devastating disaster like fire could even take a toll on your savings and credit. Don't let the expense of an unforeseen disaster derail your goals. Plan ahead with Vashon renters insurance.

Vashon is an island community located right between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Suburban residential development stifled any substantial business growth, since much of the economy was formerly wrapped up in commercial agriculture. Instead, Vashon is a sort of bedroom community for commuters to Seattle and Tacoma with a few manufacturing plants of its own. Vashon is a respite from the high cost of city housing, and many people rent to save even more. Renters also have the flexibility to move when their leases end, an attractive option for young professionals.

Shopping for Seattle renters insurance is easy. Policies are all-inclusive with the forms of coverage you need. Vashon renters insurance policyholders do have options to change their coverage limits and deductibles, but they never have to worry about missing out on an important form of protection. Personal property, loss of use, liability and medical expenses coverage ensure you are compensated in almost any situation.

Named Perils Versus Open Perils

Personal property protection compensates you up to your coverage limit for the loss of your belongings. While all Vashon renters insurance policies include this protection, the scope of that coverage varies. Most policies offer protection for only loss that occurs due to events specified in the policy. For a higher monthly premium, WA renters can get an insurance policy that covers loss in any circumstance unless expressly excluded from the policy.

Named peril policies usually include fire, windstorm, weight of ice and snow, fallen objects, theft, vandalism, vehicle collision, burst pipes, electrical fire and volcanic eruption. Your Vashon renters insurance policy will spell out the exact perils it covers. Your claim must show that one or more of these events caused the damage or loss in order to be compensated. Open perils policies, on the other hand, are not as exclusive. They may note that flooding and mold are not covered perils, for instance, but everything else is a fair basis for a claim.

Some first-time buyers opt to buy as much insurance as possible to be totally covered. For them, an open peril policy looks attractive because it is so comprehensive. But the list of covered perils in a named perils policy is fairly exhaustive, so it is not worth the money for most Washington residents to select the more expensive open perils option.

There are some perils not included in a named perils Washington rental policy that Vashon residents might seek out. Living on an island, flooding might be a concern. Unfortunately, flooding is not covered in any standard WA renters insurance policy Policyholders seeking flood coverage must enroll in a federal flood insurance program. Your Vashon renters insurance agent can help you research your options and opt into this program.

Seattle area renters insurance customers can supplement their named perils policies with endorsements and riders to protect against specific events. Some common endorsements include mold, pet damage, sewer backup and even identity theft protection. You can choose the limits for these protections, and the additional cost is added onto your policy premium. Adding an endorsement or two might be a cheaper alternative to going all out with an all risk policy.

Creating an Inventory

Your personal property limits for Vashon renters insurance are set based on the value of what you own. Some Vashon providers allow customers to simply estimate the value of their goods, but you run the risk of under-estimating and shorting yourself on coverage or over-estimating and paying too much. A more precise method is to create an inventory of your belongings. The inventory serves a dual purpose. It first serves to set your limits, and it also supports your claim that you owned those items you are claiming.

To create an inventory, list all of your belongings with an item description, original value, age and where in the home they are located. Include receipts and certificates or other documentation, and take plenty of pictures to show the condition of each item. You might also make a walk-through video of the Vashon rental home or apartment to show exactly where everything was. Make sure you revise the inventory annually to keep your coverage current, and immediately add any major purchases, like a big-screen TV, to be sure it is covered from the start.

Vashon renters insurance is a necessary expense for all Washington renters. A good local WA agent will help you navigate your options to get precisely the Vashon renters insurance you need. Fill out our easy-to-use form for more information.