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Volleyball tournaments are scheduled games of volleyball. A tournament lets numerous teams compete against one another to find the reigning champion. Most sporting tournaments are played on a weekend and usually involve a prize for the winner. Volleyball tournaments are a great way to make some friends, have some fun and lose from calories in the process.

Playing Volleyball - Rules and Regulations

Volleyball is all about bumping, setting and spiking the ball over the net, with the occasional welcoming of new neighbors. If the volleyball hits the ground of the opponent's side, then it is a point for your team or a loss of serve if you have control of the serve. A volleyball court consists of six people, three in the front and three in the back. One of the back team members will 'serve' the ball over the net and the game will play. Players will set, bump or spike the ball back and forth until the ball hits the ground. This will continue until one team reaches 15 points with a two point lead.

In order to have a volleyball tournament you will need three main things: first of all, you need a group of people to play; secondly, you will need a place to place, either a gym or an outdoor area where you can set up the equipment; and third of all, you will need the equipment. This consists of a net as well as a volleyball. You may also want to have a few referees and some cones to make boundaries for the playing court. This depends on how professional your volleyball tournament is. You also might want to have a trophy or prize money as part of the prize for the winning team. Again, this depends on the caliber of your volleyball tournament.

If you are looking to host a volleyball tournament it is a good idea to have at least four teams, or 24 players. You may want to have a few subs for each team as well. You can choose to play full length games or mini games if time is an issue. You may choose to have a round robin type of tournament or an elimination type. You can make up the rules as you go, as long as everyone involved is happy with the choices made.

Organizing a Neighborhood Volleyball Tournament

A great way to spend a weekend is to host a neighborhood volleyball tournament. If you are living in a complex unit such as an apartment or townhouse, then there is a good chance that somewhere on the premises is either a court yard or a large grassy area. You can easily set up a volleyball court there. Another option is to find a patch of sand or head to the beach for a round of beach volleyball which is similar to standard volleyball but played on the beach. You will be surprised how much fun and how much work it is to keep the ball rallying back and forth in the sand.

Ask your neighbors if they would be interested in joining in and plan for have your tournament a few weeks later to ensure you have the numbers and are organized. If the tournament is a success you may even find that your volleyball tournament becomes an annual event for the complex. Some of your neighbors may want to supply baked goods to sell at the tournament or cold drinks for the players. Even those that do not want to play will love sitting around and watching each game, cheering on their parents and their neighbors.

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