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Go past the paint brush this season and opt to decorate any room in your rental home with trendy wall decals. Wall decals are stickers for your wall that offer an affordable and easy way to make your mark without upsetting the landlord. Wall decals come in basic patterns, flowers, characters, numbers, letters as well as themes (under the sea, animal kingdom winter wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, etc). You can find wall decals in almost all shapes, colors, styles and budgets nowadays making them one of the easiest ways to redecorate without the hassle or headaches normally reserved for painting.

Wall decals are good for a number of reasons. First of all, they offer a fast and effective way to change the look of your room. Second of all, they are extremely affordable. And finally, if you are renting your home, you do not have to worry about what your landlord will say. Unlike paint, wall decals can easily be removed or changed without leaving a mark. Be a courteous neighbor, and lend some decals to friends.

Wall Decals for Every Room

Many people assume wall decals are only suitable in a bedroom. Children’s wall decals are extremely popular and can offer the perfect touch to any themed nursery or bedroom from Finding Nemo to Toy Story, from In the Jungle to In the Night Garden. However, you can also get a number of designs and colors to suit your own bedroom. Consider the color of your quilt and your bedroom paintings when determining what wall decals will look best. A black and white print can add a dynamic edge to your black and white room while a fierce red print can offer a splash of sexy vibrancy in the boudoir. Complement your flower bed sheet set with branches that grow out of the headboard. The options are limitless.

Apart from the bedroom, however, you can get wall decals to brighten up a number of other rooms in the house as well. Children’s playrooms and bedrooms are well suited to wall decals as are living areas. Consider placing patterned wall decals around the edge of the walls to add a subtle splash of color. Add some artistic designs to your kitchen, such as a wine and cheese themed decal to spice up your dining area.

Decorate with Decals

Wall decals are easy to apply. Simply press and stick. Run your fingers or a smooth object over the decal to remove any air bubbles and you’re done. Before you apply any decal, however, consider where each decal should stick in the grand scheme of things. Map it out in your head or make a sketch of the finished product on a piece of paper before applying any decal.

Wall decals are suitable for most surfaces. However, always check with the manufacturer to determine whether the decals will make a mark. Wall decals are often not recommended on wood surfaces as it could lift and take the varnish with it.

If you need to readjust the decal or move it to another area, be sure to do so quickly as wall decals are not made to be reapplied over and over again. When removing a wall decal, gently peel it away from the surface. The longer the decal remains on the surface, the most likely it will lift some paint or finish with it.

The best tip to remember when playing around with wall decals is to have fun with it. It’s your room – show your true colors and let your creative energy run wild across your walls. Make a statement without leaving your mark with trendy wall decals for the 21st century.

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