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If your home has been broken into, it is a good idea to inform those around you of this break in. Often an intruder will strike again in a similar area and it's important for those around you to be aware of this. Many people do not go out of their way to ensure their home is completely safe. If you are faced with a break in, your neighbors may want to vamp up their home security in reaction to this.

Warning neighbors about a break in should be handled calmly and collectively. Let them know the details - when they struck, what they took and how they broke in. You are not trying to scare them or pressure them to lock their doors at night; you are merely relying information to them so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

Informing the Neighbors

Your neighbors may want to take out renters insurance if they haven't done so already which covers losses from theft and vandalism. They may also want to double check their doors at night to ensure all doors are locked, invest in a better security system for their home and shred personal documents instead of recycling all items. Or, they may do nothing about it. The point is, you have done your good neighborly duty by letting them know what has happened.

Choose a time to speak to your neighbors when they are not busy. Don't disturb them at dinner time or after 7:00pm, especially if they have children. The last thing they need is their children overhearing about a thief in the neighborhood. Choose to speak to them alone so that you do not scare any children. Let them know the facts and let them determine what to do next. They may choose to take the break in as a one-off situation or they may take it very seriously.

Handling a Break In

If you have faced a break in you will need to inform the police. There is no point trying to catch the intruder on your own. If he does strike again, which could easily happen, you need to be prepared by letting the police know and keeping your doors locked. Do not chase him or pull out a weapon as this could lead to your own arrest in the matter. Your job is to protect your family and your belongings. Let the police handle the rest.

Break in's occur in all neighborhoods and across the nation. However, if you are living in an area with a high crime rate, it is important to consider your theft risks. Does your home back onto a walkway or bush land? Do you have a fence that is easy to scale or no fence at all? Do you have a dog that will park if an intruder tries to enter the home? Do you keep items outside that can easily be grabbed by thieves just passing by?

Break ins can also happen in apartment complexes, especially if you live on the ground floor or if there is no security at the front entrance. Make sure you always lock your doors and windows, even if you are not on the ground floor and always watch to see if someone enters behind you when you open the front entrance to the complex. If you are broken into and live in a complex you will need to inform the landlord and property manager who will probably tell the rest of the tenants in the building. Either way, whether you live in a house or an apartment, warning neighbors about a break in is the courteous thing to do.

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