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Washing your car in a rental home is a piece of cake. You simply use the hose that comes with the house. However, what about if you need to wash your car and you live on the tenth floor of an apartment complex? It isn’t likely that there is a hose you can hang from the balcony and your neighbors won’t be too pleased if you try this technique.

Washing your Car in an Apartment

Just like hanging bedroom decorations or choosing a run, there are a number of options for washing your car while living in a rental complex. One option is to use a car washing facility. There are ones that will do all the work for you including vacuuming and polishing as well as ones where you can do it yourself. The latter option is much more affordable. Many gas stations will have a car wash station attached. You simply put in a few bucks and are able to wash and rinse your car there. This eliminates any wetness, spills or mess at your rental complex.

If you do not want to use these car wash systems and would prefer to wash your vehicle at home, then you can use a bucket and do it outside. Pick a day where the sun is shining and make sure you have plenty of clean water to rinse off your vehicle after you have soaped it down. You might also want to bring a shammy with you in order to avoid any streak or soap marks on your car. If you park your car in an underground parking lot then you may need to move your vehicle to a different area when washing your car. Make sure you clean up any mess to ensure no one slips when walking past.

Washing your Car in a House

If you are renting a house that includes an outside hose, then you are in luck. You will most likely be able to wash your car anytime you wish. Washing your car is a great family activity, especially during the hot summer months. Grab a few clothes, a few buckets and let the kids join in. You can expect to get wet and cool off while cleaning your car.

While some people will wash their car and give it a vacuum every week, other people will go months without worrying about it. There is no right or wrong amount of time to go between car washes; it all depends on what you can tolerate. If you are driving through muddy conditions on a regular basis then you can expect your car to get much dirtier than if you remain on the main roads.

If you have children in the back, if you allow food in the car or if you have a dog that is allowed to come with you on road trips, then you can expect your vehicle to get dirtier quicker as well. It might be a good idea to invest in seat covers as well as a blanket to keep the dog fur, crushed crayon and half-eaten sandwiches out of the upholstery. It is also a smart move to carry a few towels and even a tarp in the trunk in case you are stuck out in the rain and do not want to dirty your seats when you get back into the car.

Keeping your car fresh and clean is important to some people, especially if you drive a new vehicle or if you spend a lot of time traveling here, there and everywhere. Whether you are renting a house or an apartment, you can still benefit from washing your car regularly.

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