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Washington cleaning services take care of your dirty work so you can focus on the things that matter. Families with busy schedules can't afford to squander the weekend doing housework. Businesses have to keep their offices clean and comfortable for customers and clients. Whatever your cleaning needs, Washington cleaning services have a solution.

It is nearly impossible to keep floors clean in the rainy Washington climate. Children and pets tracks in mud that never seems to come out of carpets and rugs. Carpet shampooing is just one of the services offered by Washington housekeepers.

People with mountain homes around Spokane, WA, can ready their chalets for ski season with a one-time professional deep-clean. Busy Seattle, WA, professionals can opt to have weekly cleanings to keep their homes pristine. If extended fishing trips take you to Westport, WA, for weeks at a time, arrange for bi-weekly cleanings so you can return to a home that looks better than you left it.

Determining Rates

The cost of Washington housecleaning service varies based on a number of factors including the size of the house, pets and the amount of clutter. Most Washington cleaning services will send a representative to do an in-home estimate. Rates vary widely depending on the size of the company, whether you use an independent contractor or an agency and location. Do some comparison shopping, and try to get several estimates before making a decision.

A standard housecleaning usually includes sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms. Some companies change bed linens as part of a standard package, as well as emptying and loading the dishwasher, folding the laundry and taking out garbage. Additional services can be added to a package regularly or as needed. Silver and wood polishing, waxing floors, cleaning light fixtures, window washing, furniture treatment and kitchen deep cleans.

Washington cleaning services are available for one-time services as well to prepare your home for an event or simply give you a clean slate to start your own cleaning regimen. Big jobs like basement and garage cleanings and home organization can be done for an additional fee. Washington cleaning services also clean offices. Packages might include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and emptying trash. Keeping an office clean and tidy is important for growing your business and keeping employees healthy.

People often wonder about the etiquette for tipping Washington cleaning services. It is not necessary to tip each time they come to clean. If you feel they did an exceptional job one week, feel free to offer a small token the next time. Typically, clients tip their housekeepers at Christmas, and the standard amount is one week's pay. If you request a time-consuming job one week, you might leave a few dollars with a note asking the extra task.

Products and Equipment

Ask up front whether you are expected to supply any cleaning products or equipment. Most Washington services bring their own supplies, but some equipment like floor buffers and carpet shampooers are not standard. You may be responsible for supplying the equipment for special jobs.

Ask for a list of the products the Washington company uses, especially if you have allergies or special surfaces that could be damaged by harsh chemicals. Stone countertops and antique wood furniture require extra care, so supply your own cleaning solutions and give explicit instructions to keep your valuable safe. People with asthma, allergies and other illnesses may not be able to tolerate certain chemicals and fragrances. Let the company know ahead of time about any such illnesses so they can make proper arrangements to keep your family at their healthiest.

Some companies will advertise that they are Green Clean certified. These Washington cleaning services use only natural products and are trained in environmentally conscious techniques. If environmental impact and natural housekeeping are important to you, try to find a company that specializes in these practices. If one is not available in your area, feel free to supply your own natural solutions and make requests for eco-friendly practices like composting, water consumption and whatever practices you use in your home. Washington cleaning services want their customers happy, so they are usually eager to oblige.

Washington housekeeping services should always be bonded and insured. Should something happen on the job, including theft or injury, the company takes responsibility. Insurance and bonding show a company's commitment to professionalism, and they are necessary safeguards against any mishaps on your property.

Choosing cleaning services is not as simple as picking from a phone book. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals, and interview several companies before deciding. When you hire Washington cleaning services whether you have your own home or live in off campus housing, you are inviting strangers into your home. It is important that you are comfortable with them on a personal and professional level.

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