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When thinking of Washington DC moving services, Martha Stewart is hardly the first thing that comes to our minds. But she and others like her that find handy uses for household goods can really help when planning your move. With a few tips from the professionals and your Washington DC rental coverage company, your moving services packing can be a breeze.

DIY Bubble Wrap

The latest Washington DC moving services innovation in bubble wrap is not what we traditionally think of. Moving services companies in the Washington DC area are now selling wrap that is made up of larger plastic bags that are filled with air and then sealed. These bags are great for packing around things, but wouldn't it be great if you could somehow get your fragile items inside the bag before its inflated?

Well, with this little moving services tip, you can! What you will need is several different sized zipper seal bags and a straw. First, you take the item you want to secure and place it in an appropriately sized bag. Place the straw in the corner of the open bag. Seal the bag up all the way around the straw. Gently and slowly blow air into the bag until it is full to the desired amount. Pinch the bag around the straw and slowly pull the straw out, sealing the bag quickly once it is fully removed.

It may take you a few tries to master this technique. However, once you do you will have taken the idea from the DC moving services companies, and made an even more efficient moving services packing material. The best part of this is that once you have unpacked from your Washington DC move, you can simply reuse the bags for their original purpose, which is storing food. There will be no extra cost and no extra waste! Won't Martha be so proud of you!

Packing Peanuts

Another common Washington DC moving services packing material are little foam "s" shapes known in the MD area as packing peanuts. These are commonly used worldwide, and also by Washington DC moving services companies. They are excellent for securing items inside boxes, as they fill in all the open air and keep items from shaking and jostling around during moving services transit from one VA home to another.

But how can you make your own packing peanuts at home? Surely you do not have that much Styrofoam sitting around your Washington DC home. Even if you did, who has the time while preparing their home for Washington DC moving services to cut out a bunch of little "S" shapes? Well, with this ingenious little idea, you don't have to.

Plastic shopping bags are a perfect substitute for Washington DC moving services packing peanuts. Any weekly trip to the grocery store in Washington DC yields 6-10 bags, and sometimes even more. Additionally, many stores in the Washington DC area have recycle bins for these bags, and would likely be willing to let you clean them out of these if you explain to them how you intend to use them. So the resources for free grocery bags are limitless.

So, how do you take these thousands of bags and turn them into makeshift packing peanuts? It's so simple, anyone could do it! The first thing to do is take the bag and stretch it out lengthwise, so that the handles are in one hand and the closed end is in the other.

Next, wrap the bag, closed end first around your hand until you get to the open end. Being sure to keep the handles free, fold the wrapped bag down as many times as you want to get it to the desired size. Then, wrap the ends of the handle around it once or twice, tying them off at the end. What you should end up with is a packing peanut sized bag that will be just as versatile as the ones you buy from Washington DC moving services companies, only you didn't spend a dime!

The Possibilities are Endless

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started. With a little brain power you can come up with more ideas that will help you pack for your Washington DC move without spending a bunch of money on purchasing packing materials from Washington DC moving services or hiring Washington DC cleaning services. The main idea is to think outside of the box.

Walk around your house and see what you have. Perhaps you can think of a way to turn your extra toilet paper rolls into protection for breakable perfume bottles. Or maybe there is a use for empty paper towel rolls or tissue boxes. Thinking like a craft guru when you go through your policy checklist can really help keep your Washington DC moving services budget low!

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