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Fireworks are great entertainment for people of all ages. And the good thing about them is that there are often displays several times a year. Most towns and cities will put on fireworks displays at New Years Eve, the Fourth of July and often at other events like Halloween, Christmas or arts and craft outdoor events. Celebrating these special occasions with loved ones is great and having a big explosion at the end of the night is even better!

Fireworks and Children

If you are planning on watching fireworks with your family then there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, fireworks often happen at night. Make sure you time this with your kids. If your children are quite young they probably won't be able to stay up until midnight to watch the lights go off. They might be able to catch the early rendition at 8pm, however. Make sure you put your kids first when planning to watch the fireworks. Otherwise you will have grumpy and tired children on your hands.

Fireworks will draw a crowd and thus it pays to get there early and set up a place. It also pays to get there early and secure a parking spot. Why not make a night out of it by bringing a picnic dinner, chairs and other entertainment for the kids before the fireworks begin? You can bring a Frisbee or a few board games to play on the picnic basket while watching the other families gather. Many fireworks celebrations will have music and other entertainment beforehand as well which is always directed at people with families and kids.

Another thing to remember is that not all children love fireworks. Older kids tend to be memorized by the bright lights and loud noise but younger children may be terrified. You can expect a few screaming children and plenty of tears. If your little one turns out to be terrified during the celebration, cover his ears up with a blanket and take him away from the display if possible. Reassure him that the show will be over soon - after all, fireworks celebrations normally don't last longer than 15 minutes at a time.

Planning a Night for Fireworks

One thing about watching fireworks is that often any furry family members should be left at home. Fireworks are loud for the best of us and for pets; they are like tiny explosions for their ears. Many dogs will be terrified of fireworks from far away and getting too close up can be a noise overload.

Leave your pet at home when attending a firework ceremony. Make sure he is either inside safely in a crate or tied up so that he doesn't freak out and get away. Or, if possible, have someone stay with your pet so that they can calm him down if he gets too scared. There are more lost dogs on nights where there are fireworks or thunder storms than any other night.

When watching fireworks with your family the light show may only be a few minutes but the entrainment will last a lot longer. Plan ahead by packing a lunch or buying something from a restaurant nearby. Just make sure you have reservations as it will get busy on fireworks celebration nights. Make sure you know where you have parked and that you plan for the drive home to take much longer with the extra walking and the extra traffic. Planning ahead is the best way to make the most out of this special night with your family.

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