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Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage in the Home?

The roof of your apartment is leaking, and the leak has fried your electronics equipment. Or your dishwasher has overflowed and done serious damage to both your kitchen and the things you have in your kitchen. Water damage is a common renters insurance claim. Many renters wonder whether their insurance plan covers water damage to their belongings.

Renters insurance covers a wide range of circumstances, and a good renters plan will cover water damage from most sources. Your landlords insurance policy generally will only cover any damage done to the building itself and not to tenant belongings. Your personal property is your responsibility as a renter. In cases of water damage as in any other case, this fact is what makes renters insurance such an important commodity.

Check Specifics of Your Policy

The specific coverage provided for water damage should be mentioned in the language of your renters insurance policy. Check your policy if you are unsure; or, if you are only shopping around for coverage, compare water coverage among the companies you're considering to see if they all match up. This could be another example of ways to separate different providers who are close together on price.

Water damage caused by burst water pipes, an overflowing dishwasher or washing machine, and roof leaks all are often covered in renters insurance personal property plans. But flood damage is not covered under the terms of a standard policy. To get protection against property loss from floods, you need either a rider on your policy or a separate flood policy entirely.

Additional Benefits to Water Coverage

Water damage coverage on a renters insurance plan has at least one more important available benefit. You can get reimbursed for the cost of additional living expenses while the water damage is being repaired at your condo or loft or other rented home. Although renters insurance personal property coverage does not cover every type of water damage, the protection it provides is valuable nonetheless, and well worth investing in as a renter.

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