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Being a good neighbor comes down to treating the people living near you in the same way you would want to be treated. You don't want your neighbor to do burn outs in the front yard, to let their dog poop in your lawn and to let their kids run wild on your property so don't do it to them either. There are several things to consider when it comes to being a good neighbor and how to stay on the good side of those around you. Keep the following tips in mind when being a good neighbor.

Being a Courteous Neighbor

First of all, be friendly. This is an easy way to be a good neighbor. When you pass each other in your cars, say hello. If you are both mowing the lawn outside at the same time, send them a hi and ask them how they are. This is an easy way to keep the conversation light and learn a little something about your neighbors in the process.

Second of all, offer your services. If you notice that your neighbor seems to be struggling with something that you know you can help with, then don't be afraid to go over there and talk to them about it. For example, if you notice that your neighbor is trying to chop down a tree with a tiny saw and you have a chain saw in the garage, then why not offer to let them borrow it for a moment to get the job done quickly and safely? If you don't want them to use the machine, then you can always spare five minutes and do the job for them yourself.

If your neighbor mentions that they will be going out of town for the next month, why not offer to watch the house for them. Pick up their mail and bring it inside, water the plants and check that everything, including personal valuable items looks in place every so often to keep the intruders away and the garden looking green. This is an easy way to be a good neighbor without going out of your way.

The good thing about offering your services to your neighbor is that they will reciprocate if they are able to. You might find that you get the perfect pet sitter from your neighbor or that you find that your neighbor's son loves to mow lawns for a fraction of the price of a standard landscaping company. Keeping the lines of communication open allows you to work with one another and help one another out when you need to.

Noise in the Neighborhood

In addition to being friendly and helpful it is also important that you are a courteous neighbor. This comes down to noise control. You need to keep the volume down as much as possible. This is especially important if you are living in an apartment building or if you are living near someone that has children. The last thing they want to worry about is putting their kids down for the night and having their rude neighbor blast the music.

There are some times when you may be having a party and thus it can get noisy. Have the courtesy to tell your neighbors about it so they are prepared for a little extra noise. Let them know when the party will start and end so they won't feel the need to come over and ask you to keep it down. This will keep everyone happy in the end and is one of the best tips on how to be a good neighbor.

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