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Welcoming a new neighbor to the neighborhood is always a polite thing to do. All it takes is five minutes to go over and introduce yourself and see if they need anything. You may find out that you and your new neighbor have a lot in common and you may end up starting a friendship. Either way, welcome a new neighbor the right way with these easy tips.

New Neighbor Welcome Party

Remember how you felt the first day/week that you moved into your new home? You were probably overwhelmed with jobs to do like cooking with roommates. From changing your address with the phone company to unpacking the countless boxes, from finding a new school for the kids to learning how to navigate to the grocery store, you were probably tired, stressed and a little homesick, especially if you moved to a new city.

Your new neighbor is most likely feeling these exact same emotions which is why you should give them a few days to settle in before making your grand entrance. If you happen to run into them while they are unpacking or getting the mail, say hello and introduce yourself. Wait a week to make your grand entrance into their life and welcome them properly.

You do not have to throw your new neighbor a welcome party. You don't have the give them a 'welcome basket' or even a card. All you need to do is show up and let them know who you are and that you are there if they ever need you. You may want to bring some baked goods or a bottle of wine over as a nice gesture but you are most certainly not expected to.

Being a Friendly Neighbor

When you welcome a new neighbor it is a good idea to choose a time when you know they are home but not overwhelmed. Dinner time is not the best time and neither is 3:00 if they have children. Anytime between 10am and 2pm are probably the best times for the weekdays or the weekends. Plan on stopping by and introducing yourself and your family. Don't wait for an initiation in; new neighbors are often quite embarrassed by the state of their home for the first few weeks. If you want, you can ask your new neighbors over for a cup of coffee or a meal one day but, again, this is up to you.

If your neighbors are from out of town then they might value your opinion on good places to eat, to shop, to take the kids to, etc. Point them in the right direction to the nearest playground for their kids or park for their dog. Let them know the best restaurants or take away shops nearby. It is also a good idea to let them know that you are just a few steps away if they ever need anything, like a cup of milk or a spoonful of sugar.

One of the biggest benefits to welcoming a new neighbor is that you start out on the right foot. You and your neighbor will be on first name basis from Day One which makes it much more comfortable to discuss any problems that may arise down the road. Another great benefit to welcoming a new neighbor is that you are letting them know that you are around. You may find out that both you and your neighbor enjoy walking in the evenings or have children around the same age; you may discover that you both enjoy golfing or gardening. When you welcome a new neighbor you are opening up the opportunity for friendship as well.

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