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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

When you are purchasing a new home, the bank makes you purchase homeowners insurance in order to protect their investment in your home. In case the home or its contents are damaged due to accidental or environmental conditions, the bank wants to know that it will get the money back to replace whatever is damaged. As a renter, there is exactly the same risk that something could happen to your home or belongings, but many people are unaware that there is renters insurance available to protect yourself the same way a homeowner does. If you have ever wondered, what does renters insurance cover? is an excellent resource to learn the answers to your questions and get free quotes on renters insurance.

When you ask yourself what does renters insurance cover, you can begin buy breaking it down into two main categories, contents and liability. Straight forward rental insurance will cover contents. This is exactly as it sounds. If the contents of your home are damaged for any of your covered reasons, your renters’ insurance policy will cover the losses from the contents of your home up to the amount you are insured for. The unfortunate reality is that many people that rent their homes are displaced by such disasters as floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes.

An even greater number of people will experience more minor disasters, such as the joys that are experienced the first time your two year-old will try flushing their favorite toy down the toilet to see what happens, or a broken water pipe floods the lower level of your home. Although, your landlord may fix the damage to the water pipe, or fix what is wrong in the home, what renters content insurance covers is your personal items that were damaged as a result.

On the budgets that people have to survive on in this economy, it is hard to imagine spending money on an additional bill by taking on a renter’s insurance policy. As hard as it may seem, just for a moment consider what the cost would be if you had to replace all of the personal items that you have from just one room of your house, let alone an entire floor or heaven forbid the entire home. If you compare that with the free quotes available on, and ask yourself, “what does renters insurance cover?” you will find the peace of mind is invaluable.

The other category of renters insurance that is available is renter’s liability insurance. In the event that there is an accident that you are responsible for, this type of renters insurance will take care of expenses you may be liable for if there is any damage on the property you are renting, or any adjacent property damage. For example, the electrical strip you had entirely too many plugs in sparks and starts a fire that damages not only your apartment, but the apartment next door. When you ask yourself, what does renters insurance cover; you will find that liability insurance for renters would cover the damages you caused. can get you a free quote with or without liability insurance included. You can determine what your needs are and weigh the surprisingly reasonable cost of renters insurance against the cost of the,” what if?” Ask yourself what does renters insurance cover if the worst happens? The answer is as little or as much as you need it to. The minimal costs associated with renters insurance, with or without liability coverage, will protect you in ways that are hard to put a price on.

Think of the costs associated with having to replace everything that you own. If you came home from the office today and your apartment above the restaurant has caught fire. The owner of the restaurant may have his own insurance, and he can rebuild. In the meantime, could you survive if you returned home from work today and found that all you have left are the clothes you left home in? Where would you go? How would you pay to replace your clothing, your furniture, appliances? When you ask yourself, what does renters insurance cover, you can say yes to all of the above.

Banks require homeowners to have insurance because the cost of insurance outweighs the loss when compared to the cost associated with their investment. You have a significant investment of your own in your lifetime of acquired valuables and possessions. An investment in renters insurance can protect you in the event of any type of catastrophe. can give you a free quote and you can see for yourself how truly affordable that amount of protection can be.

From clothing and furniture to electronics and appliances, the amount that it would cost to have to replace your life is not something many of us have laying around in the bank. Then there are the costs you would have to cover if you were to have to find a new rental home with no notice, and a quite possibly a motel in the meantime. The possibility that you could be responsible for any damage to properties close to ,or attached to, your rental home complete the reality that many of us are one disaster away from financial devastation. will provide you with the quotes that are well worth the level of protection that you and your family receive from it.