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Moving from one apartment to another can entail many adjustments, particularly when you are adjusting from a large residence to a slightly (or significantly) smaller one. In this situation, you will usually find yourself weeding through your furniture, decorations, room privacy screens other household items in an effort to determine precisely what you can't live without and what you can. It could be that you have recently obtained a new career position and accordingly needed to move closer to the heart of an urban area. Such moves can be very positive for you on a work level and can also put you in contact with a vast array of entertainment and cultural options in the city. Such moves can also necessitate, due to the urban cost of living, renting an apartment smaller than the one to which you were accustomed.

If this is the case for you, or if you have recently obtained a new suit of furniture and no longer need your old one, or even if you are moving into an apartment fully staffed with furniture already, you may be on the lookout for a place where you can donate your furniture. You have a variety of options that can fulfill this purpose. Your choice will depend on your desired outcome as well as any personal ethical stand-points.

Donating to Charity

There are many organizations, such as Good Will and the Salvation Army, which accept used furniture along with many other household items. These and similar places usually sell the items you donate in their own thrift store, using profits earned to fund their own charitable activities and, in some cases, to pay those who work in the store, who are sometimes needy citizens who are being helped out in this specific way by the charity. When you drop off your furniture or any other donations you are making, you are typically asked if you would like a receipt or not. The reason for this is that such charitable donations are usually tax-deductible. When you drop your items off, if you are not offered a receipt, you can ask for one, which you will keep with other important receipts until tax time rolls around.

There are plenty of local charities not as widely known of as Good Will and the Salvation Army, but charities that operate on a similar basis. Many people prefer to donate to a local charity, depending on the point of view and ethical stand-point of the person who is donating. If you are an activist within your community and would like to see your donation used to help fund a certain local effort, browse through charitable organizations online or in the phone book to see if you find one that matches your desires.

Swap Shops

Another idea for how to donate your furniture involves community "swap shops." These places are usually quite small in scale, sometimes being found within a particular apartment building and intended only for residents of the building. While a swap shop may not typically come upon when you consider where to donate old furniture, it can constitute a way to easily get rid of your furniture and get it into the hands of someone who will appreciate it. Also, these smaller swap shops can be veritable treasure troves for those who don't mind looking through stacks and piles of used items in hunt of a special find. Quite often the only "policy" at these places is that those who take items are encouraged to leave their own items that are no longer needed or wanted.

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