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Looking into adding a swimming pool to your backyard? Whether you are setting up an above ground pool or having a professional install a brand new fiberglass pool, you want to be sure you are choosing an area that makes sense for the layout and safety of your home. A lot of things will impact where you place your pool. Sit down and think about all the options and all the factors involved in choosing where to place a pool.

The most important thing about setting up an above ground or in ground swimming pool is safety. Most local councils now require fencing to go around any swimming pool that is bigger than a paddling pool and contains more than three feet of water. What this means is that you need to also look into fencing options when looking into installing a swimming pool. Many swimming pool companies will offer both fencing and swimming pool installation as part of a package which is often the best way to go. When working with a professional you can be sure that your pool is up to the council standards and is safe for your family.

Think about what the fence and pool will do to the outside part of your home and consider the size of your rental home floor plan. Do you want the pool to go right off your balcony or would you prefer it to remain in the backyard? Do you want to build a walkway or a patio around the pool for tanning and easier access?

If you have young children you need to be well aware of where you place your pool in regards to the doors and windows in the house. Can your child crawl out of the window and land in the swimming pool? This may sound a little dramatic but it has happened in the past. When children see something they want, they will go for it, even if it is incredibly dangerous.

Pool Spot Selection

Another thing you need to think about is the sun and shade in your backyard. Many people love spending their summers basking in the sun overlooking their swimming pool while others prefer to place the pool in the shade so they are protected from the UV rays. You can look into adding a shade sail to the pool which can protect your family from sun damage while they are swimming the afternoon away.

Also, think about your neighbors. Most people will prefer to have a swimming pool that is private so you can swim and tan without worrying about your noisy neighbors or interrupting their views. You may wish to choose a place that is close to a large tree for privacy but keep in mind that this also means you will have more leaves to clean out of the pool during fall.

If you are putting up an above ground pool, even a blow up one, for the summer, then you need to know that the grass underneath the pool will be damaged. When fall comes and you take down the swimming pool there will be a large dead patch for a long time. Furthermore, you may also be left with a muddy spot while the water from the pool seeps into the dirt.

Sit down and think about the dimensions and style of pool you are getting. Is it a circle, a bean shape or a square? Do you want a waterfall or other pool feature? When looking into where to place a pool all of these things will impact your decision immensely. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance from a professional.

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