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Searching for a new rental home can be a more complicated process than most of us realize. There are a host of factors to take into account aside from the cost of the rental or the floor plan inside. One of the things that sometimes tend to be overlooked is an examination of the neighbors around a rental apartment or house. Getting to know the neighbors can help you to project how you might fit in with them. If a renter can find a place with good neighbors, it can make up for a lot of other shortcomings in a condo or townhouse. One of the most common complaints among renters is trouble with neighbors; it is hard to avoid this kind of trouble because in many rental situations, all the tenants live in such close proximity. Having good neighbors can not only make your experience livable, but downright enjoyable for you and those you live next door to.

Living in a College Town

If you live in a city where a large college or university is located, there is a good possibility that at least part of the town will be filled with college students renting apartments and other homes while they make their way through their academic careers. If you are a college student and you're looking for somewhere to stay once you move off campus, it can be great to reside with others who share your interests and have similar schedules. You may even elect to have a roommate or two to keep down the cost of rental. Renters insurance plans are also cheaper for roommates thanks to the great roommate discounts most insurers offer.

However, if you are not a college student, this type of setup may not be so appealing. Your schedule may be far different from those kept by college aged renters. The hours they keep could cause conflict if you share walls with them and they keep you up at night. These are all things to keep in mind when you make selections on where to choose to live.

Senior Living for Renters

A senior citizen looking to rent a place to live, for example, would likely want to avoid the so called "college town" section of a city. More often than not, your values will differ from those of college students who tend to gather socially at all hours of the day and night. As a senior enjoying your retirement, you may prefer looking into a condo on the golf course or a townhouse within walking distance of your favorite shops or restaurants. Just like any other age group of renters, seniors should also be mindful of who is living around them. Having like aged and like minded neighbors can greatly enhance your experience wherever you choose to live. Of course, a little variety never hurt, either.

If you find an area where all the renters are retired folks and this area appeals to you, look for available places to lease in this area. One example might be an independent living senior center. These days, you can get into one of these places and be immediately tapped into a great social network of activity and friendships. As your medical needs change over the years, the staff at these places will already be there ready to respond.

The direction you choose to go in terms of whether you seek other tenants like you or you look for more variety will depend to a large extent on your personality. Every one of us is different, and we all have different ideas about what makes someone a good neighbor. One of the important things we should all remember during this whole process is that we are neighbors, too. Wherever you end up living, make sure to keep that in mind. Be a good neighbor, and you are more likely to establish good relationships with those around you.

Considerations for Your Children

By doing this, you can set an example for your children if you have kids and they are still living with you. Reaching out to others on your street or in your hall can do a lot to get friendly relations established right off the bat. A spirit of tolerance helps dissipate conflict and tends to diffuse troubles before they escalate. This kind of behavior also helps to promote friendly terms between your kids and other children where you live.

The question of whether there are kids among the neighbors is an important one to explore when you are looking at renting a home. There might be a lot of good things about a particular condo or loft, and you may have even met the neighbors and come to like them. But if there are no children of a similar age to that of your kids, they may be lonely at home. It is one thing to have friends at school, but quite another to have playmates available for interaction when you get home. It's important for kids to socialize outside the bounds of the classroom, as all of us are well aware. This is especially true when the school year ends and your child is away from school for several months at a time. Especially in the time immediately following a move away from their old friends, it is important for children to have opportunities to make new connections. The adjustment to a new home is difficult enough as it is without adding the element of moving to a home where there are no playmates to be found among the neighbors.

Neighborly relationships of this sort are also important for the parents, especially those who stay at home to take care of the children. Just as children at a new home often feel lonely, so too do homemakers thrust into new circumstances where they do not know any of the neighbors. If you can manage to find a place with children whose ages are similar to those of your own children, you will likely also find that their parents are close in age to yours. And regardless of your exact age, you will surely share common interests since both of you will be going through the experience of raising children of the same age in the same town at the same time. Thus making sure there are neighbors to reach out to can be just as important to the mother or father staying at home to care for the children as it is for the children themselves.

Final Thoughts on New Neighbors

Of course, any discussion on an examination of the neighbors around a new apartment or townhouse you are thinking of renting would not be complete without some mention of the need to look into the possible presence of registered sex offenders or other crime elements. These sorts of revelations are much easier to deal with before you sign any paperwork than after the lease is signed and you are stuck for the duration of the contract. Do a background investigation on the neighborhood and find out its history and crime statistics. Make sure you know who the neighbors are before you decide to rent any dwelling place.

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