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If you are renting a home or apartment that has poor window sealing then you will probably experience the frosty chill of unwanted drafts. Window drafts can be a nightmare during the colder months, especially if you are sleeping close to a window. You may wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold and even wet in some instances if the window is also leaking, and this can be harmful to the pets in your rental as well. There are ways to eliminate the window draft in your rental home so that you experience a better night’s sleep and a more comfortable and cozy environment all year long.

Window Draft Concerns

One of the biggest problems with window drafts, apart from the discomfort they provide, is that they can also be an electricity-stealer. You may find that you are constantly adjusting the heater just to keep your house warm. This is because all the warm air is going out through the small cracks in your windows. If you are paying the electricity bills each month as part of your rental agreement, then you will most likely be feeling the draft in more ways than one. You could be losing up to 50 percent on your heat through a drafty window, which, in turn, results in much higher energy bills.

Rental properties that are older tend to have the most problems with window drafts. Older windows simply cannot stand up to the pressures of today’s climate and the daily wear and tear can simply be too much. Spotting a draft window is as easy to checking your windows. If you notice that there is moisture around the window frame, if you can hear a airy sound coming from the window or if you can feel wind hitting your hand when you place it near the frame, then you have a draft problem.

Reducing Drafts in your Windows

The best way to get rid of your window drafts is to replace your windows completely. Many renters, however, will not want to do this until they own their residence. Replacing your windows, however, can effectively reduce your electricity costs by up to 60 percent and eliminate the drafts that come in. The air will circulate better inside your home which means you will find your living space at a much more controlled temperature regardless of the weather outside.

If you are not ready to replace the windows on your rental property, there is an inexpensive alternative – window draft stoppers. Draft blockers are usually made out of polypropylene, a strong and durable material prove to block air flow. You can purchase draft blockers at any hardware store and they come in a number of different sizes to fit any windows or doors. Most blockers are also quite flexible so you can bend them to suit the contours of your window.

There are other solutions to window and door drafts other than the traditional draft blocker. You may be happier using a weather strip lining which can also be purchased at a hardware shop or online. To use a weather strip lining you simply coat the area with the silicone mixture. It is an easy way to stop the drafts.

Another option is a water absorber than sits on your window sill and acts as a sponge for any water or moisture that seems through the cracks. This is a good option for those windows that are poorly damaged and where you notice water damage coming through. Whatever window draft solutions you decide to take, you will notice a difference in the temperature of your home right away and notice the reduction of energy output on your next electricity bill.

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