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Wisconsin renters insurance is a tremendous insurance value even though it is a somewhat overlooked form of coverage for many renters. For many people renting a house or condominium in Wisconsin, renters insurance provides needed protection from financial liability should an accident occur at their rented home. In a recent survey, a full 86 percent of renters in Wisconsin said they could not afford to pay the medical bills if a friend of theirs suffered an injury in their condo or apartment [1]. Wisconsin renters insurance also protects your belongings against the risk of loss from fire, theft or other named loss. If you really think about how much you own, it would probably be impossible to replace everything if something like this happened to you. The financial cost would be simply overwhelming for most people.

If Wisconsin insurance policies for residents renting their homes represent a bit of an unknown to a lot of people, they can take comfort in knowing great information is readily available. If you are a renter interested in finding out more about Wisconsin renters insurance, you have all the power to get the facts right at your fingertips. Your home computer is really the only tool you will need to do the research needed to help you make a determination as to whether this type of optional coverage is right for you. There is abundant information available online, from provider websites to Better Business Bureau reports to consumer message boards. Our site can make the task even easier for you as we help connect you with specific local insurers licensed to sell renters insurance in your area of Wisconsin.

Who Needs Wisconsin Renters Insurance?

If you are a college student or young adult renting a townhouse or loft off campus for the first time, you are living without the protection that you enjoyed while living under your parents' roof. Without this family protection your belongings are not covered by any policy your parents may carry. You need Wisconsin renters insurance to protect your momentum going forward. You cannot afford the risk of having to pay out substantial sums if someone gets hurt at your new place, and more than likely you do not have enough savings to buy all new things if a theft or fire happens at your apartment or condo. The small monthly premium attached to a renters policy is well worth the tremendous protection it gives you.

On the other side of the age spectrum are seniors. A senior citizen spending their retirement here would also want a Wisconsin renters insurance plan to protect them from a host of unpleasant circumstances. While it is true that probably none of us wants to think about things like having our homes broken into or watching a friend of ours get injured at our home, having the right coverage can come in handy if any of these things come to pass. When you reach retirement age, you have already spent several decades of your life accumulating the personal belongings you now possess. In a pinch it would be impossible to replace them all. If you had to start over at this stage in your life, you would be hard pressed to carry on. Most people of every age would have trouble replacing their possessions if they were lost, but seniors are particularly vulnerable to loss, because they have accumulated so much over time and because they are generally living on a pension or other fixed income and monthly expenses are already difficult enough to meet as it is.

How Much Wisconsin Renters Insurance Should You Have?

Many people shopping for renters insurance will wonder how much is renters insurance and how much they need to have. Finding Wisconsin renters insurance is quick and easy, and most importantly, the plans are very affordable. Depending on what your risk is and what you want to have covered in your Wisconsin renters insurance policy will determine how much coverage you should have.  

It is easy to come up with a general rule governing insurance policies for a renter in Wisconsin. Simply put, you should have enough renters insurance to help you replace everything you own if a catastrophic loss were to occur. This is all fine and good as a general rule to consider when contemplating Wisconsin renters insurance, but it is much more difficult to put a price tag on everything you have in your particular insurance situation. Most providers recommend taking an inventory of everything you own and estimating their replacement value before deciding how much Wisconsin renters insurance coverage you should buy. This can be quite the task to accomplish on your own, but many provider websites do have worksheets and other aids to help you complete this process of buying Wisconsin renters insurance more easily and efficiently.

Once you have a better idea of how much you actually own and what it would take to replace it all, you can make more informed choices on your coverage. For example, you will have to choose between Wisconsin renters insurance based on guaranteed replacement coverage and renters insurance with actual cash value coverage. If you read up on both you will quickly see the reasons for the difference in price for Wisconsin renters.

In general terms, replacement coverage gives you reimbursement covering the cost of buying a new item to replace the one lost, while actual cash value (ACV) coverage depreciates the value of the lost item based on its age and reduces payout accordingly. ACV coverage is somewhat cheaper, but full replacement typically represents a better value dollar for dollar on your Wisconsin policy. You can find out more about both forms of insurance coverage by going online and doing a keyword search, or by contacting providers.

These days, it is quite an impossible task to try to categorize the population of Wisconsin citizens living in rented homes according to any neatly separated demographic statistics. Younger and older people alike are more likely to need Wisconsin renters insurance today than in years past, with both overall population figures and nationwide percentages of renters on the increase. Economic factors like unemployment, reduction in pensions, divorce and any number of considerations make living in a rented space a more likely scenario for all of us than it has ever been before.

Save Money with Wisconsin Renters Insurance

For nearly everyone renting a home today in Wisconsin and everywhere across the United States, cost considerations are a critical factor to consider when making any kind of decision to take on coverage. Wisconsin renters insurance is an excellent value because it costs relatively little and delivers significant bang for your buck. You can create a custom renters insurance policy uniquely tailored to your individual insurance needs. Your Wisconsin renters insurance plan should protect you from unexpected and potentially disastrous events while giving you the affordability you have to have as a renter. Once you make the decision to go forward with coverage, you need to connect with a carrier you can trust to keep promises and deliver the service you expect.

We all need to take a hard look at our finances and decide where we can make cuts to stretch our budgets each month. As tenants in rental properties, it is our responsibility to protect our personal belongings against loss, since landlord's policies typically do not include provisions for tenants' possessions. Insure your personal things against the risk of loss and protect yourself from liability with a policy that gives you the protection you need.

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[1] Retrieved 2009-11-01.

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