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When it comes to moving your belongings from one home to another one of your biggest concerns is breaking your items. Breakable items need to be packaged and wrapped with the utmost care to ensure a safe ride, regardless of how bumpy the road gets or tight the box becomes. Learn tricks to keep your valuables safe on moving day by packing breakable items correctly.

Wrapping your Breakables

Breakable items are usually items made out of glass and ceramics. Dishes, cups, wine glasses, picture frames, vases, wall art, clocks, lamps and household ornaments are often breakable. Breakable items can also be open bottles from the kitchen and bathroom such as soya sauce, spirit bottles and perfume. If these items break then you will be looking at a serious mess when you arrive at your new destination,and you cannot ask your landlord to pay for repairs. There are several ways to wrap breakable items to keep them safe.

One option is to use bubble wrap to wrap breakable items. Bubble wrap can be purchased at any crafts store as well as any moving store or hardware store; however, it can get expensive, especially if you need to use a lot. Bubble wrap is covered with teeny tiny bubbles that protect the items wrapped inside. Furthermore, it makes a great popping game for children after you have finished with the move. Simply tear off a bit of bubble wrap and wrap your breakable items separately. Hold together with a piece of boxing tape to keep the wrap firmly in place.

If you do not have access to bubble wrap another option is to wrap each individual item in a blanket or towel. If you want to keep all your kitchen items together, then wrap your wine glasses with a tea towel or tablecloth or another kitchen item that is soft and will offer some protection. Using towels is not the most practical way to keep your items safe but it will work, as long as the movers are careful when picking up this box. Using towels or blankets will also take up a lot more space so be sure to grab some extra boxes from the grocery store when you are planning your move.

Another option when it comes to moving breakable items is to invest in boxes that are designed for glassware. Moving companies may supply you with boxes that are designed to carry plates, glassware and other breakable items. There are individual storing compartments for these items which ensure that they do not touch and thus do not smash together and break. If you are using a moving and packing company, then ask for several of these boxes as part of the deal.

Packing up Breakable Belongings

Make sure that you always label your boxes when you are packing. This lets the movers, regardless of whether you are using a company or using your friends, that this box needs extra care. It also means that the movers will not pack a breakable box underneath several other boxes.

When you are packing your breakable items into boxes is a good idea to keep rooms separated. Try to keep all your kitchen items in boxes clearly labeled 'kitchen' and try to keep bathroom items clearly labeled 'bathroom'. If you prefer to organize your boxes by item, then this is another option. For example, you may choose to have one box of photo albums and picture frames that are normally scattered throughout your house. As long as you are organized and each box is clearly labeled 'breakable', then the unpacking process will go a lot smoother.

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